Sell with Confidence
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Strong will and drive are often boasted about but rarely proven – unless you’ve met Rebecca Esser at Ray White Glenelg. 

Always striving for new heights, maintaining high levels of prompt communication, providing answers on the run, and finding solutions quick smart - going above and beyond is key, and comes naturally to Rebecca.

Whether you’re a landlord, tenant, or applicant, you’re in good hands.

It seems she rightly earned her Rising Star nomination this year - a memorable moment for Rebecca. Her motivation is helping landlords discover what great service is, helping them to reach their goals of owning more properties, and even flipping that hellish mindset some tenants have about agents – they really can have a pleasant experience in a rental property.

In addition, Rebecca has an innate power of perspective – she looks at situations from every angle to find the best solution for everyone. 

That said, it means her landlords can rest easy, riding out any bumps effortlessly with Rebecca on watch – after all, isn’t that what a property manager is for? 

Off duty, she’s known as the loud yet caring friend, living in her newly bought and renovated home in Meadows. And when she’s not all over your property matters, she’s under the car and covered in grease…

So, if you’re looking to invest, move your investment, or grow your portfolio – you’re reading the right profile! Adding your prized assets to her portfolio is music to Rebecca’s ears, and in return, she’ll make investing easy and seamless for you at Ray White Glenelg.