Sell with Confidence
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Imagine getting to create, design, learn and bounce off a respected team of award-winning real estate agents as their ever-crucial office Campaign Manager…

Such is daily life for Abby Hakof, who’s taken an exciting leap of faith into the frenetically paced property market; and while she’s knuckling down into a Certificate 3 in Business Administration, her career is almost certainly taking off.

Outgoing, dependable, and hardworking, Abby’s greatest assets will take her everywhere, and lucky for Ray White Glenelg, she’s unleashing them right here. 

Turn the tables, and the benefits for Abby are amplified by a reputable agency, the tightest-knit team, and an Australia-wide brand to inspire and support her – her clients’ experiences the ultimate measure of success.  

Growing up in Happy Valley, Abby has long idolised her Mum’s work ethic, managerial skills, respectfulness, and professionalism – today, she’s taking it up a notch in her own effervescent style to bring the highest possible service quality to you. 

Above and beyond attention to detail, consistency, and an assurance that every client feels comfortable; and getting to know you is the most fulfilling part of Abby’s dream gig.

She’ll be there behind the scenes from your campaign launch until that sold-stickered signboard comes down and every marketing tweak in between – and it’s all in a satisfying day’s work.